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We provide the most comprehensive and individualized billing support services for physicians and therapy practices. 

Miriam Flores, Owner/Principal

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We are just what the doctor ordered. Our comprehensive medical billing services will give you the peace of mind knowing that your practice is receiving top-notch care. With over 25 years of medical billing experience, we offer audits, consulting, personalized account management, and high returns on our collections. Take comfort in knowing that your accounts will be handled directly and personally by Miriam Flores and not outsourced to other individuals or companies. We are highly responsive, taking a hands-on approach to all of our clients and their accounts. Whether your practice needs an audit, consulting on the best practices for your office, staff training to implement effective billing practices, a system-wide overhaul on billing practices and procedures, or regular billing and collection work, we are here to create a customized plan of care to get you the highest return on your claims. Contact us to determine how we can revive your billing management.

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HIPPA Compliant
ICD 10 Ready
CPC Certified
Over 25 Years of Experience
100% Customer Satisfaction
Maintaining BEST MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) Rating For Accounts Receivable

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Daily Electronic Claim Submission
Payment Posting
Constant Monitoring of New Laws & Insurance Requirements
Secondary Claim Submission
A/R Follow-Up on All Accounts
We Use Your Existing Software
All Payments Go Directly To Your Office

High Collection Rate

95-98% Collection Rate

Our Standards

According to national statistics, 32% of all medical claims are rejected and half of those are never re-filed. That leaves 16% of all medical claims in the United States unpaid, or money left on the table. While this may or may not be the case with every office, it’s a large number to be walking away from. For example, if as little as 5% of the claims that are rejected are never re-filed, then offices are potentially losing as much as $15,000 or more per physician, per year. Most of the money lost in medical practices is due to the lack of follow-up on denied claims. Upon close examination, most denials are not 100% accurate and can be easily fixed for an approval and subsequent payment.

Is this what is happening in your practice? Don’t let the lack of follow-up on denials cost you money. According to the Medical Group Management Journal, the collection rate for internal billing departments is a dismal 55%, taking an average of 93 days to collect payment. Premiere Medical Billing Services, LLC proudly achieves a 95-98% collection rate with a turnaround time of 30 to 45 days for claims and payments. We provide a hands-on approach with individualized consulting and account management by our skilled professionals who have decades of experience. You can take comfort in knowing your highly responsive account manager, personally. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your billing management and claim collections.

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