Are you REady for a checkup?

Allow Premiere Medical Billing Services, LLC to perform a thorough checkup and create a plan to ensure that your billing practices are in optimal health.

Miriam Flores, Owner/Principal

We are just what the doctor ordered. Our comprehensive medical billing services will give you the peace of mind knowing that your practice is receiving top-notch care. With over 25 years of medical billing experience, we offer audits, consulting, personalized account management, and high returns on our collections. Take comfort in knowing that your accounts will be handled directly and personally by Miriam Flores and not outsourced to other individuals or companies. We are highly responsive, taking a hands-on approach to all of our clients and their accounts. Whether your practice needs an audit, consulting on the best practices for your office, staff training to implement effective billing practices, a system-wide overhaul on billing practices and procedures, or regular billing and collection work, we are here to create a customized plan of care to get you the highest return on your claims. Contact us to determine how we can revive your billing management.


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